Domestic and International Distribution Service


The transportation sector is one of the business lines most affected by the phenomenon of globalization. The intensification of competition and the change in its rules, the differentiation of working methods and distribution channels, and the rapid development of electronic commerce reveal the inadequacy of traditional approaches, especially in the field of transportation. As companies in sectors such as electronics, textiles and FMCG shorten their product renewal processes, they seek business partners in their logistics activities that are compatible with their own pace and perspective. The ability to understand the nature of the new conditions and to take the right steps accordingly constitutes the permanence criterion of success in the logistics sector.

En Global has adopted the principle of providing fast, reliable and economical service with its large self-owned fleet in international and domestic freight forwarding. Our experienced team; It works knowing that making a difference in service requires careful design. En Global, which provides quality assurance in all services, offers special and effective solutions to its customers with a project understanding.